"Since VirtualLogger sells its services on a month-to-month basis, we have to earn the right to serve our clients every day"

Jim Veilleux, CEO

Virtual Logger

Eliminate Risk

The VirtualLogger service eliminates two key areas of risk for clients – technological obsolesce and business risk. Clients don’t have to purchase hardware or software to use VirtualLogger services, so there’s no risk of equipment or applications becoming obsolete. VirtualLogger maintains a state of the art secure data center where applications are hosted and recordings can be stored. Since VirtualLogger continually adds to and builds its network, you’re assured access to the latest technology. And since the applications are hosted, upgrades and new features are painlessly rolled out.

Business risk is all but eliminated since clients are not required to purchase new hardware and software assets that become more expensive when business slows. Services can be turned down or added as required and when needed.