Virtual Logger

Archiving & Storage

VirtualLogger offers a unique archiving & storage solution – the Recording Warehouse

The Recording Warehouse goes beyond the simple remote archiving and storage facility for audio and screen captures. Recording Warehouse offers clients a secure facility for files with redundant backup of critical recordings, guaranteed file security with an unmatched disaster recovery scheme, all in a storage source that enables instant access to all recordings online for immediate search and retrieval.

Compatible with a wide variety of storage technologies, Recording Warehouse is a cost effective alternative to client owned storage offering both short-term and long-term storage at costs unmatched by client owned storage.

VirtualLogger standard offering includes online storage for 90 days and archiving for 7 years included in monthly fees. Longer term archiving is available to meet client requirements. We also offer a fast-turnaround service for mounting of your archive files to make them accessible via the VirtualLogger web interface. Speak to a VirtualLogger representative today and ask them to create an archiving and storage plan tailored to your needs.