"Since VirtualLogger sells its services on a month-to-month basis, we have to earn the right to serve our clients every day"

Jim Veilleux, CEO

Virtual Logger

Better ROI

Software as a Service, sometimes referred to as “pay-as-you-go”, has several advantages over purchasing a perpetual software license and hardware for quality monitoring and recording. Since clients only pay for services on a month to month basis, costs are based on services used rather than an entire system in advance. This simple distinction enables VirtualLogger clients to realize an ROI that’s 4-6 times greater than an outright system purchase. What’s more, the first year cash outlay for a client subscribing to the VirtualLogger service is typically one quarter to one sixth less expensive than a system purchase. The result is often an ROI of three months or less.  

Other significant advantages include reduced reliance on client IT support and no annual maintenance fees. And since applications are hosted, upgrades and new features are enabled almost instantly. VirtualLogger only charges a small set-up fee that includes all system set-up and training, so there’s no long list of charges to launch a recording and quality monitoring initiative.