Virtual Logger


Often, contact center quality monitoring initiatives require that supervisors only evaluate a limited percentage of calls over specific intervals for monitoring, scoring, or training purposes. In this case, sampling or partial recording is an option that enables the client to record to a specific set of business rules or percentage total of calls. The VirtualLogger system can accommodate recording samples based on dozens of parameters including time of day, agent name, ANI, DNIS, extension and others, applied in virtually any combination. Sample recording not only provides a set of calls recorded to client specifications, it also helps reduce system costs.

VirtualLogger offers several recording and quality monitoring options to suit your company’s budget, telephony environment and recording requirements. And as with all VirtualLogger solutions, all recordings are stored in a secure, high-availability data center for easy web-based retrieval and monitoring.

System implementation is fast and only requires a small one-time setup fee and a nominal monthly access fee. And since recording and monitoring are delivered as a service, you can reduce costs to meet business conditions at any time.