Virtual Logger

Pure SaaS Recording

Companies that have a small number of agents and a limited budget but desire recording now have a robust option with the VirtualLogger VirtualPath offering. VirtualPath is set up quickly by rerouting inbound 800 calls or outbound dialer calls directly to the VirtualLogger operations center’s high availability recording platform. On the inbound side, DNIS information is utilized to route the call to your agents. Outbound calls are handled by VirtualPath where the application listens for and recognizes dialed digits as the signal for recording. All of this without having any equipment installed in your contact center.

VirtualPath, like VirtualMonitor, enables offsite recording services that are easy on your budget. System implementation is fast and only requires a small one-time setup fee and an economical monthly access fee. And since recording and monitoring are delivered as a service over the internet, you can cancel at any time. Are you on a short timeline to kickoff a recording and quality monitoring initiative? Nothing will get you recording faster.